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At Indytech Wicklow Web Design, we like to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in web design and development.
With this in mind, we decided to publish this article to provide our current and future clients with the latest from our perspective.

The Mobile web

Web design and Mobile FirstIn recent times, Mobile devices i.e. iphones and tablets, have exploded onto the market.
Consumers have embraced this new hardware with open arms. This is clear from the usage stats that provide us with how much people are using mobile devices to browse the web.
However the reaction to this in terms of web development and web designers has been slow, at best in our opinion.
At Indytech, we can see that when clients and visitors arrive at a website they want to have a faster and better experience when it comes to browsing the web on mobile devices.

As web developers, we have a responsibility to provide the best possible experience for mobile device and desktop users alike.
Indytech have decided to use the "mobile first" approach for all web design and development projects.
This means that we develop our websites with mobiles and tablets in mind from the very start of development, insuring the best user experience no matter what device you are browsing the website on.

Indytech are constantly looking to the future of web development, so that we can give the best possible service and experience to visitors of our websites.

You can give us a call if you would like to speak to us further about web design and development.

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