Indytech Wicklow Web Design Ready for Drupal 8

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Indytech Wicklow Web DesignFor the last 3 years or so Drupal 8 has been consistently developed by the Drupal community, with a view to this major release in late 2013.
This huge undertaking has beed delayed for a few months, and looks like it should be ready in early 2014. Although it will only be released when its ready.
Over the past year or so, the indytech web design team have been keeping a close eye on the progress of the new release. Indytech have also used Drupal 8 for in house training and development purposes to stay in touch with the latest software advances. This means that we will be well prepared to build websites with Drupal 8 when this fantastic software is released.

Drupal 8 will include some mayor advances and additions.
This is one of the big ones:

Mobile Ready.

Drupal 8 Mobile ReadyOut of the box, Drupal 8 will have almost all aspects "front and backend" ready for most mobile devices such as iphone, ipad and android devices etc. This means that administrators will easily be able to administer their websites on mobile devices. Website visitors will also have a much better experience on mobile devices.

There are loads more really great additions to the software which will become available on the new release.

Indytech Wicklow Web Design are committed to providing clients with the best and latest developments in CMS and web design for the internet.
Please Contact Indytech if you have an interest in using Drupal 8 for your next project, of perhaps upgrading from an order version of Drupal.